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[[/german|Deutsche Dokumentation]]
[[/german|Deutsche Dokumentation]]
[http://data.vivalv.de/de.vivalv.software.shoppingmanager_2.6.5_all.ipk Download for free (no support)]
Download for free (no support) [http://data.vivalv.de/de.vivalv.software.shoppingmanager_2.6.5_all.ipk here] or at [http://www.webosnation.com/shopping-manager webOS Nation].

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Shopping Manager


One of the "Favorite Palm Pre Apps" (Technology for Mommies)

English documentation

Deutsche Dokumentation

Download for free (no support) here or at webOS Nation.


Discuss Shopping Manager at PreCentral forums

Deutsche Diskussion bei Nexave


Shopping Manager Basics (for Web viewing)

Shopping Manager Basics (for Phone viewing)